Trust disappointed that club choose to opt for a Category Two Academy set up

The Trust is very disappointed that today the Chief executive Simon Clegg of our football club has confirmed that Ipswich Town FC will not be applying for Academy Category One status for next season. Town have opted for Category Two in the Elite Player Performance Programme (EPPP) reorganisation of youth football which comes into effect this summer

The Trust campaigned for the club to proceed with Category One and feel that this is a short-sighted step to make. We understand that going for category One would be an extra financial burden on the club but we believe that in the long term, producing the majority of our own players is the way forward for this club.

Mr Clegg has even stated that more money will have to be spent just to get Category Two, but when you look at the transfer fees received for Dyer, Wright, Bramble and more recently Wickham it looks like that will be money well spent.

Last Saturday many Town fans watched the team play at Watford, the programme for that day celebrated the fact that Watford had just seen their 50th Academy player make his first team debut. Watford draw smaller attendances than us and sit in the shadow of many larger London clubs but they see the Academy as their best way forward.

We do understand that this was a difficult decision for the club to make but maybe this is now the time for Marcus Evans and Simon Clegg to tell the supporters exactly what their plan is to return us to the premiership.


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