Further Questions about ITFC & the Charitable Trust

21/11/2013: We have received a reply from the club, but not an answer to our questions (see below).  The club has agreed to add them to the agenda for the Fans’ Forum on Saturday, which will be attended by a representative of the Supporters’ Trust.

The Supporters’ Trust was not satisfied with the explanation the club has given supporters over the split with the Charitable Trust (now Suffolk Inspire), so we asked the club for further clarification. This morning we sent the Club’s Supporter Liaison Officer, Sally Webb, the following questions:

As you may have seen, the Independent Supporters’ Trust posed a couple of questions in our earlier press release, which don’t appear to be answered by your article. We would be grateful if you or a colleague could respond to the specific questions that we raised, namely:

1.       What are the Football Club’s future plans for community activities and community engagement?

2.       What are the Football Club’s plans for the premises on the practice pitch that have been vacated by the Charitable Trust?

To clarify the first of these questions: by ‘community activities’ we are referring to a wider range of activities than those described in today’s statement from the Club. The “invitation-only Advanced Coaching Programme” will not encompass the range of coaching programmes previously run by the Charitable Trust under the ITFC banner, which included multi-sports sessions and activities for disabled youngsters.

The Community Trust’s work also encompassed a wide range of activities for both girls and boys, and we would be grateful if you could further clarify whether the Football Club’s “invitation-only Advanced Coaching Programme” will include opportunities for girls as well as boys.

 We look forward to hearing the Club’s answers to these important questions.


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