Supporters’ Trust Statement on ITFC Debts

Ipswich Town 1st, the independent Supporters’ Trust, was concerned to read press reports about the nature of the club’s debts, and today calls on ITFC to make a public statement on the amount of money overdue to local businesses and service providers.

Trust Chair Alasdair Ross said ‘Many local people have bitter memories about the amount of money owed to local businesses such as florists and caterers, and organisations including the St. John’s Ambulance, when the club went into administration in 2003. For an organisation already carrying over £80m worth of debt, relatively small amounts owed to local businesses may seem inconsequential, but for many of these local businesses it could mean the difference between survival or collapse. The local community, including those who lost money, stood by the club during the administration period, and we want to know that this faith is being rewarded by the club honouring its debts to local businesses now’.



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