Trust calls for ‘Common Sense’ from Norfolk Police

The Ipswich Town Supporters Trust welcome the Norfolk Police statement that Ipswich Town supporters will be greeted with a ‘friendly and Fair Policing ‘ however, their actions seem to contradict this.

Members of the Supporters Trust have been contacted by a number of Ipswich fans who have raised their concerns that the Norfolk Police have systematically ensure that all drinking facilities are either declared ‘Home Pubs only’ or not permitted to serve Ipswich fans prior to 11.30hrs.

The Trust believes that it is a better and safer strategy to have away fans in designated locations, as proved by the Suffolk Police last Saturday, with two ‘away fan pubs’, rather than having Ipswich fans walking around trying to find a pre-match drink, leading up to what has be quoted as the most important Ipswich v Norwich derby match to date.

This is further compounded when the trust is told that there are some locations that want to welcome Ipswich fan, with one such facility having Ipswich fans booking accommodation the night before, to be told this week they can not serve Ipswich Supporters.

Therefore, the Trust calls on the Norfolk Police to use common sense and allow one or two facilities available for Ipswich Supporters prior to the game.


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