Further statement on season ticket issue

Further to the statement which we sent to ITFC yesterday,  Ipswich Town 1st explicitly calls on the club to cancel any automatic payments to the Academy Friend scheme which have been made as part of the automatic renewal of season tickets.

The statement that the club have released via TWTD states that there was a printing error that meant an ‘opt-in’ tick box was erroneously included on the form sent to Season Ticket holders that took advantage of the automatic renewal by Direct Debit system.

Even if this is the case, the corresponding literature does not make any mention of this being something that will be applied automatically. There is no text in either the covering letter or the season ticket brochure that mentions anyone will be automatically opted in to this scheme.

There are a number of mentions of the Direct Debit scheme, and they are always followed by an instruction that the Season Ticket holder need not do anything to continue their membership – when the reality is that if fans did nothing their DD will have increased by £120.

We have already had complaints from some of our members, these include those who are unable to afford the extra £120, a family of 4 where even their children are being charged the £120 and supporters who already are ‘Academy Friends’ who are now going to be double charged unless they opt out – this doesn’t even include the numerous fans that are extremely angry with what can only be described as a ‘stealth tax’ being applied.

We believe the club have no option but to cancel this scheme and revert to the opt-in scheme which is implied in the literature.



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